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“Unseen Hidden Treasures of the Biblical Land of Israel Tour”

Judea and Samaria: The Biblical Heartland of the Hebrew Bible!


August 31, 2017 – September 8, 2017
Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and Jericho
8 Days $3,850 (from Kansas City)
$3,445 (from JFK) (prices may be reduced based on participation)
Optional Extension – Sept 7 – 12, 2017 Additional 5 Days (Galilee & Tzfat) –  $1,445

Prices include all flights, transfers, hotels, breakfasts and dinners. Not included: lunches & tips
The purpose of this one of a kind tour to Israel is to introduce travelers to a plethora of the Biblical sites of Israel not visited on almost any other tour. Most of these sites are in the territories of Judea and Samaria (commonly called the West Bank).  These areas are considered either not possible or plausible to visit given location and time usually devoted to the Life of Yeshua sites (of which we will visit) – as if he never walked through Samaria!

A more “Jewish” educational and learning journey and experience ?

The Book of Genesis and the journeys and footsteps of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? What of the period of the conquest of the Promised Land under Joshua? These areas encompass the Biblical books of Joshua, Judges, 1 & 2 Samuel, 1 & 2 Kings, 1 &2 Chronicles. The so-called “West Bank” is the Biblical heartland comprising  90% of the Biblical historical narratives of Israel’s story and yet hardly visited!

If you have been to Israel, this is the tour for you! If not, this is the tour for you!

You likely have not been to ‘almost’ any of these amazing sites.
This tour is meant to bring the participants into dozens of Biblical narratives that are never seen or addressed on so-called “Biblical” tours to Israel. The intent is to introduce and to educate beyond where –
“(Almost) No One Has Gone Before”

Notice:  It all happen in just 8 Days – unless taking extension (13 days)
– and over Labor Day (one less vacation day lost) Most of the Sites in Samaria!
Bet El (actual Biblical site Jacob’s dream & Jeroboam’s altar – mind blowing), Ai (yes, finally! Unpublished excavation not seen by groups), Micmash Pass (Jonathan and the Philistine escarpment, Shilo Tabernacle site with extraordinary new excavations and Shilo Children’s Fund (Center for traumatized child victims of terrorism), Mt. Kabir (Elon Moreh where Abraham received the Land promise), Mt. Gerizim (Mt. of Blessing), Samaritan Village with synagogue and excavations – HaYovel (Christian vineyards ay Kibbutz Har Bracha), Mt. Ebal (Unbelievable! Mt. of Cursing – IDF escort to view actual altar built by Joshua), Sebastia (Biblical Samaria where Yeshua visited during Roman times and the Palace of Omri, Ahab, Jezebel and resting place of the head of John), and the “Piece de Resistance” – Dothan (the location of the well Joseph was left to die in – DEEP in the heart of Palestinian Arab region south of Jenin. Speaking of Joseph, how would like to visit him? Yes? At midnight, an IDF escort will take us to Joseph’s Tomb in Shechem!
Hebron – Caves of Machpelah, Tel Rameiyda (ancient Hebron/footsteps of Abraham path), Jesse’s Tomb (David’s father). Susiya (extraordinary desert Bar Kochba site & Talmudic period Jewish community in the midst of a Roman City), Meet with internationally known  Rabbi at Jewish/Christian Study Center, Calibre 3 (participate in actual anti-terrorist training), Evening Light & Sound Show at the Citadel of David (Amazing technological visual experience)
Shabbat in Jerusalem – Messianic Services at Messianic Congregation. Walking Tour.
Start with Kaysir El Yehud, the newly opened Mikveh (water immersion) site of Yeshua on the Jordan River & the site of the Jordan crossing of the Israelites. On to Jericho – visit and lunch with Taysir Abu Saada (a dear and longtime close friend) who published: “Once an Arafat Man” – a former Arafat body guard and trained PLO fighter & now a Yeshua believer). He will tell his testimony, tell of miracles in Jericho finding favor with the PA, and the miracle underground spring only under his property – a geological wonder connected underground tributary of the actual Elisha Spring, visit Tel Jericho (debunk Kathryn Kenyon and prove the historical veracity of the Biblical account). Also, Herod’s Jericho, Maccabean Jericho, Ancient Synagogue, Elisha’s Spring and alternative site of Zacchaeus.
And now the Big One (Big Foot)Gilgal Argaman!
“The Footsteps” of the Israelites upon entering the Promised Land
The most unknown and mysterious sites of the Bible in Israel
A stone wall, 2 ½ foot tall, in the shape of a foot the size of three football fields. Come and see for yourself the first site of ritual worship of HaShem and the encampment of the Israelites after the fall of Jericho and the crossing of the Jordan River.
Could it also be the memorial site of the twelve stones from the Jordan River?
And Now for the “Rest of the Story” Sept. 8 – 12
“Five Day Tour Extension with Shabbat in Tzfat”
So many tours miss “the Judaism(s) and religious Jews of Israel.  On the way to Tzfat, we visit the Tombs of Rabbi Maimonides, Rabbi Akiva and the cenotaph of Rabbi Moshe Luzzato in Tiberius.  Yeshua Galilee sites include Migdal and particularly the Mt. of Beatitudes Eremos Cave (authentic sermon location) as we view areas including multiplication of loaves, Capernaum and Primacy of Peter site. Shabbat in Tzfat including a lecture at Mikveh Center (ritual immersion) with ultra-Orthodox rabbi. The men will then join hundreds of observant Jews immersing in the Ari Mikveh, one of the Tzfat Sages of Kabbalistic Judaism. In the evening, we will attend Shlomo Carlebach Synagogue. You have never seen anything like it. Every sect of observant Jews “together” with exuberant rejoicing. Saturday morning attendance at the Breslov Synagogue (Kavanah on steroids)! Torah Study in Tzfat, in a whole city that keeps Shabbat. Heaven on earth!
Final two days include:
Misgav Am (the highest and most northern community in Israel overlooking Lebanon, Syria and the headquarters of Hezbollah as we view the location of 100,000 missiles pointed at Israel). What a view! Dan (see the gates of Abraham & Tribe of Dan), Caeserea Philipi, The Valley of Tears (the actual battlefield of the miracle of a few tanks staying the oncoming onslaught of the Syrian army in the Yom Kippur War under Major Kahalani) Synagogue at Gamla:  Due to a new road, we will stand in the actual synagogue and daven (pray) with our ancestors who then perished under Roman destruction. We will visit the spectacular excavations at Susita (the Roman Decapolis city of Hippos). This is one of my favorite sites on the tour! Come and understand the significance of this site in accordance with the Life of Yeshua and the untold story of the actual beginning of the “Gentile Church”, the community contemporary to Yeshua, outside Jewish context in the land of the Gadarenes!
Traveling south we include Mt. Arbel, extensive tour and new excavations at Tzippori (Roman/Jewish city helped built by Yeshua and his father Joseph), Bet Shearim, Old Jaffa Museum multi-media, Jaffa shopping. Site on this day flexible. Final Dinner.




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